Spiritual surrender yoga

November 29, 2009

This yoga practice combines contemplatively working with mudras, breathwork, meditation, visualization, classical yoga postures and relaxation to cultivate conscious contact with a God of your understanding, a higher power, and can compliment 12 step recovery, or be a practice for anyone cultivating spiritual surrender.

Never do a pose that feels like it might be moving into pain--always come into a seated or laying down pose if you'd like to rest!

Meditation for the Rest of Us

October 23, 2009

This podcast is a meditation that blends techniques, one after the next from classical Hindu, Buddhist, and Tai Chi sources.  So even if you're experienced, there may be a chance to explore variety.  See what works for you, eyes open or closed, at home or on public transportation--hopefully this can be an anytime, anywhere practice and you can even use a couple minutes of it here or there for a break.  We start with relaxing deep breathwork and end full circle at chakra breathing.


Everyday yoga essentials

October 17, 2009

Give your spine some relief!  The cat-dog, half moon stretch, shoulder releasers offer essential forward, backward, and lateral stretching guided for being on a mat, in a chair, or standing.  These postures are followed by a 3rd eye chakra meditation for the pineal gland and intuition center.  A guided relaxation closes--try to do that part for the healing benefits, but close early if you need to.

I don't think I mention for the seated postures to have your hands relaxed down, or ideally gently on the knees or hips.

If you're brand new, I suggest that you listen to the postures first and let me or another teacher know what the guiding means if it's not clear.




Subway Buddha

July 29, 2009

This recording guides meditation along with breathwork and visualization for a stress-reducing spiritual practice on public transportation.

Please only do this if you can remain alert! Open eyes will help, but this can be done with eyes open or closed, whichever you prefer, seated or standing depending on commuter luck. Envision yourself surrounded by healing light and energy. As you head to your destination, can you just be where you are?  Is the mind jumping ahead?  It's not easy!!


Savasana–also known as sponge pose

July 27, 2009

This recording is for reduction of stress and to cultivate shifts in the energy body through deep breathing plus visualization and progressive relaxation, which counteracts the stress response with the relaxation response.  If you haven't read Herbert Benson's books about the relaxation response, you must!  He says how in our culture that does not incorporate rituals of prayer and meditation, which induce the relaxation response, we stay in the stress response.  He recommends cultivating the relaxation response twice a day for twenty minutes.

This practice of relaxing in sponge pose can be done on its own or after some yoga or other mindful physical movement.  Although you may not stay awake to hear it, you can allow yourself to fall asleep at the end, or move on with your day with a dose of the relaxation response.


A musician’s guide to the chakras

July 24, 2009

In this recording I set up and end with grounding so that you can use my descriptions of how sounds relate to the chakras as a meditation, so it's for anybody, not just musicians.  I talk about the associated color, "big" or seed sound that strengthens or releases each chakra, and the musical instrument. The chakras are energy centers that are thought to be along the central axis of the body and nervous system.  These spinning circles correspond with the endocrine system, so the mind-body meets at the chakras. Energy body?  Physical? Both? Explore and find out!

and For info with a less meditative experience, release the grounding connection and listen maybe with a bit more alertness.  I'm having trouble playing it but hopefully it works somewhere, somehow.  The quality is not great, but for now it'll do.  Relax and enjoy!  Balance those chakras!

My first ever podcast, one of many, I hope...